Networking for you

Helping build your

customer base

Burestintro Networking

Let us at Burestintro take the burden off you and do the networking for you.


  • Do you want to promote your business?


  • Do you hate networking and want someone to do it for you?


  • No time to network?


  • Want to be at two networking events at the same time?


  • Want to promote your business at a Trade Fair but can’t leave the “shop”?


  • Want to save money on advertising?


  • Want to get warm leads without having to step outside your office?


We will add the personal touch to promote your business.

Whatever the event :-


  • Breakfast, Luncheon, Afternoon or Evening networking meetings


  • Formal / Black tie events


  • Conferences


  • We can help set up at a Trade Fair and man the stand as well


Our main travel areas are Norfolk and Suffolk but will consider further afield.


Let us be a Personal Networker for your business.

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Tel: 07711327710



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